Because spoken words fly away, written words remain. 'verba volant scripta manent', you said.

The Cold War and (Maybe Not) The War on Islam

It is exciting to see that once again, human rights lexicons is at the heart of Global War on Terror, as it had been in the Cold War.
What a time to be alive! Are these two wars the same?

September 25, 2016

East Timor and West Papua : A Comparison

The rhetoric of human rights is not only powerful in delivering justice for various forms of suffering, but it is also very flexible in conveying voice and performances across International borders.

September 3, 2016

Me Embracing the Death of Aylan Kurdi

Because at that moment it is only after I finished this paper that I am able to sleep without Aylan’s image floating in my eyes.

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Balance of Power since the Game of Thrones

The concept of balance of power has driven the dynamics of major powers in the world throughout century after Westphalia. This principle was probably closest to what Morgenthau has referred –it is the ‘iron law of politics’.

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