Because spoken words fly away, written words remain. 'verba volant scripta manent', you said.

A Mother’s Boy

“Don’t wipe it.”
Abduh stops. Cringing one eye, he turned. Her sister put one palm in Abduh’s cheek, slowly narrows the gap between their faces. Abduh brace himself, letting his sore eye open. Her sister blows air as hard as she can into his eye. “There you go, all good.” She pats Abduh in the head.

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Jangan Jadi PNS

Jangan jadi PNS kalau digoda selembar dua lembar duit merah aja lemah. Jangan jadi PNS kalau kamu takut mizkin. Jangan jadi PNS kalau pengen kaya, dengerin itu kata Pak Dahlan Iskan, Jusuf Kalla, atau Sri Mulyani. Kalau perlu, sana jadi kaya dulu…baru jadi PNS!!!

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Bukan “AKU”

I’m a wild animal. Driven out of the herd. Bullets may pierce my flesh. But I’ll keep on coming,. Carrying forward my pain and wounds. Attacking. Attacking. Until suffering disappears. And I won’t care.

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Cloudy with a Chance of Flower Shower

Little Kanda loves her Mom, loves flowers and the blue sky. She believes that the earth laughter is the blooming flowers and the sky cries by pouring white and pink rose petals.

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Review Belanja di Dekoruma

Nemu Dekoruma ini nggak sengaja, karena liat iklan di instagram deh kalau nggak salah. Buka situsnya dan berasa, ya Allah, kok manis lucu ya (apanya?)

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Bantul Hidden Heaven : Taman Wisata Gunung Mungker dan Hutan Pinus Prengger Dlingo

Dua obyek wisata indah di Jogja yang dijamin bikin kamu-kamu puas selfie

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The Cold War and (Maybe Not) The War on Islam

It is exciting to see that once again, human rights lexicons is at the heart of Global War on Terror, as it had been in the Cold War.
What a time to be alive! Are these two wars the same?

September 25, 2016